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NGO’s Management Training

If you have experience in NGO’s management, organize workshops, trainings or lessons to teach PDS team and/or under-graduated and graduated students from different universities of Zanzibar. Themes of the trainings can be: Project write-up, implementation and evaluation  Financial management (budgeting, accounting…)  Professional Partnership and Sponsorship skills training Event organization and management  Note: Volunteers are encouraged …

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Other activities with kids

Indoor and outdoor games: Participate in the organization of games which stimulate learning and creativity. Local games will be introduced as well as foreign ones from the volunteers.  PDS Got Talent: Help to organize this talent competition for kids. You can even get the chance to be one of the judges.  Physical activities: Contribute to …

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Goodbye Party

Sometimes, a Goodbye Party is organized at the departure of the volunteers. It depends on the duration of their stay in the organization. As a cultural exchange moment, it is the opportunity for the volunteers to connect with the locals and the other participants from different countries.


Participants will be accommodated in PDS House for volunteers in Kibele, Tunguu, Zanzibar. Some volunteers might be accommodated with host families of the Tunguu Community in Unguja Island, or in Tumbe village in Pemba Island, Zanzibar. There are either female-only or male-only rooms (no mixed rooms), except for couples who can have their own private …

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Food will be provided 3 times a day in PDS House. Participants with special dietary requirements should inform us well in advance.  Participants are expected to help in the preparation of some meals as part of the cultural exchange.

Airport/Seaport Pick-up

Volunteers will be picked up by PDS organization at their arrival at Zanzibar’s airport.If the participants buy a flight from their home country to Dar Es Salaam’s airport (Tanzaniamainland), please note that they will need to reach Zanzibar on their own (by boat/ferryor by plane). In this case, PDS members will pick them up and …

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Marketing and Microfinance Lessons

Help the community to promote, advertise and financially manage their new born businesses. In addition to the practical skills, PDS would like to provide practical knowledge about Microfinance and give a microcredit to the most motivated students with the best business ideas. The volunteers with knowledge related to microfinance can give trainings to the SSI …

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Production Process

Train, teach and/or join local community members in the production process of a variety of items (homemade soap, clothes making, homemade jam, hot sauce, coconut milk etc…) and other women’s programs (make-up, henna painting, cake decoration etc…) using local available resources.  Note: The volunteers have the option to participate in buying the necessary equipment and …

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PDS is a charitable organization which empowers local people living in the rural areas of Zanzibar by providing skills and additional education.