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A Young Organization with Young Leaders from all over the world can have innovative solutions to shape a better future. We believe that persons from different backgrounds and cultures can provide the best ideas to solve issues faced by local communities in Zanzibar.

Advisory Board

Our young leaders advise PDS on strategic management and NGO management in general.  Their main functions are as follow:

  • To advise good policy, plans and sources of funds for the association.
  • To give guidance and directions to the Board of Directors for the betterment of the Organization’s objectives;
  • To present the organisation in legal issues;
  • Acquisition and disposal of properties.
  • Conflict resolution (if conflicts between the members of the Board of Directors)
  • Financial stability
  • Networking, create connections (partnerships, sponsorships…)
Sabri Zamil Moh'd - pds team

Sabri Zamil Moh’d

Chairperson – Tanzania
Aude Caverzan - pds team

Aude Caverzan

Assistant Chairperson France
Abdalla KH. hamad - pds team

Abdalla KH. hamad

Dr. Saleh Mwinyi - pds team

Dr. Saleh Mwinyi

Finance – Tanzania
Mohamed Isa - pds team

Mohamed Isa

System administrator & wordpress specialist – Egypt

Paul Jenkinson - pds team

Paul Jenkinson

Community development & partnership – Canada
Mohamed ameir - pds team

Mohamed M. Ameir

Public relations – Tanzania
Ussi Hamza Ussi - pds team

Ussi Hamza Ussi

Health & environment – Tanzania

Malak Fathalla - pds team

Malak Fathalla

Social Media – Egypt

Team Members

Our young leaders supervise the activity of PDS. They are responsible of the day-to-day activities of the organization. Their main functions are:

  • Establish organizational policies and set out strategic objectives;
  • Ensure the availability of adequate financial resources;
  • Approve annual budgets;
  • Accounting for the organization’s performance.

PDS Zanzibar
Board Of Directors

Abdalla KH. hamad - pds team

Abdallah KH. Hamad

Director general
Yumna - pds team


Executive Director

Juma - pds team

Juma Maulid

Director of small processing industries & gardening
sahira - pds team

Sahira M. Omar

Director of women and children
Robert - pds team

Robert S. Richard

Director of sport and culture

Mohamed - pds team

Mohamed Nasor

Director of health and environment
Mustapha KH. Tahir - pds team

Mustapha KH. Tahir

Director of information and public relations
Mwana Kheir Jecha - pds team

Mwana Kheir Jecha

Director of education & training

PDS Canada

5 directors: 

  • Said M. Said
  • Abdalla Kh. Hamad
  • Aude Caverzan
  • Shahida M. Hamad
  • Ahmed Hassan

PDS Belgium

  • Jessica Maita
  • Sinem Karakurt

PDS France

  • Doriane Bigot: president 
  • Jocelyne Lepetit: treasurer
  • Aude Caverzan: secretary

Other Members

PDS Zanzibar – Unguja

  • Ramla R. Ameir: Secretary of the Director General
  • Adam H. Faki: ICT (Information, Communication and Technology)
  • Umuul-Aiman A. Juma: Chief Cooker
  • Warda Kh. Khamis: Social Welfare
  • Huraifa A. Haji: Assistant Director Sport & Culture
  • Sakhira M. Juma: Assistant Director Health & Environment
  • Tamima I. Abdalla: Assistant Director Small Processing Industries & Gardening
  • Warda N. Sleiman: Assistant Director Education & Training
  • Zuwena H. Ame: Assistant Director Information and Public Relations
  • Fatma Kh. Machano: Assistant Cooker

PDS Zanzibar – Pemba

  • Dr. Suleiman M. Khalfan: Assistant Director Public Relations
  • Rashid Kh. Hamad: Assistant Director Education & Training
  • Ali H. Sheikh: Guardian
  • Khatib R. Mwinyi

Website Team

Mohamed Isa - pds team

Mohamed Isa

System administrator & wordpress specialist – Egypt
Aude Caverzan - pds team

Aude Caverzan

Assistant Chairperson France

Amina chahdi website team

Amina Chahdi

Graphic designer – Morocco

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PDS is a charitable organization which empowers local people living in the rural areas of Zanzibar by providing skills and additional education.