Marketing and Microfinance Lessons


Help the community to promote and advertise their new born businesses. 

The participants of this program will have the opportunity to provide their financial contribution to support Microfinance Institution. The project’s entry point is at the village level through vocational training programs offered by PDS. Once the students are graduated, PDS team will ask them to develop their own solidarity group of five people and to elect their group leader. After the formation of the groups, the program invites the entire group to join in three days training/workshop. This workshop will focus on teaching them about digital marketing and to inform them about microfinance rules and regulations. The training will also demonstrate the basic concepts of running business activities, the role of savings and the visions for a better future. The training will end with a public commitment by the participants to abide the microfinance principles.

The volunteers will get chance to buy the local materials and resources needed to support Microfinance Institution. They will also participate in the production process for some product and help in designing labels, logo and other promotional materials to market and brand different initiatives. 

Then, PDS team and the volunteers will continue to evaluate the project of all beneficiaries and measure their success. Also, they will advise them and train them on how they can increase their profits.

PDS is a charitable organization which empowers local people living in the rural areas of Zanzibar by providing skills and additional education.