The Adventure of Pilar in PDS Zanzibar



My name is Pilar and I’m writing on my last day of adventure at PDS, the hardest time.

I arrived at PDS with high expectations that I gained through my research of their projects and comments of people who had volunteered before. Still, they managed to surprise me.

Here, I lived the most welcoming and friendly environment. It fills your heart. I had the chance to work directly with children from PDS school who smile with all their teeth just because you arrive, taught English to older students who are the most interested and motivated I’ve seen, and played sports and games with them, had the chance to implement some projects of my own like a compost to make fertilizer and help with their environmental problems. Meanwhile, as a bonus, I got to make very good bonds with other volunteers and local people while visiting the most stunning places and natural landscapes.

The team was very helpful and did everything they could to make us reach our goals and introduced us to their culture.

I leave with a strong feeling of wanting to return and I’ll always share this experience as one of the best of my life.

PDS is a charitable organization which empowers local people living in the rural areas of Zanzibar by providing skills and additional education.