Volunteers' Experience

Lisa the “Teacher”

Jambo! I’m Lisa, and I’ve spent two great months in PDS. I found a lively and welcoming atmosphere here, built by locals and volunteers together. During my stay, I mostly focused on establishing a microfinance project and had the opportunity to interact with many young and motivated students to whom I was giving trainings on …

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Zanzibarrrrr with Mathilde!

Discover the experience of the French volunteer Mathilde and her friends in Zanzibar! Special Thanks to Mathilde for making this wonderful video!

Cleaning Campaign at PDS School

The Adventure of Pilar in PDS Zanzibar

Hello, My name is Pilar and I’m writing on my last day of adventure at PDS, the hardest time. I arrived at PDS with high expectations that I gained through my research of their projects and comments of people who had volunteered before. Still, they managed to surprise me. Here, I lived the most welcoming …

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Elivina Project

Elvina is a volunteer a little bit special !

Elvina is a volunteer a little bit special. Indeed, she came to PDS to implement her OWN project! It consists in teaching women how to sew washable sanitary pads. Let’s learn more about her amazing project!

The Journey Of a Dad and His Son

Mohammed Rostem and his son Amar tell us about their journey in Zanzibar and in PDS. They joined PDS through Have a Dream, an Egyptian organization and travel company.

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Meet Benji!

Hi everyone!  I’m Benji and I’m currently doing an internship and volunteering mission at PDS Zanzibar. After seeing positive comments about the organization on a forum, I went to the organization’s social networks and I fell in love with their social actions.  I directly contacted Aude (coordinator at PDS) who kindly advised me and 2 …

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Jessica's Journey with PDS zanzibar

Jessica’s Journey with PDS in Zanzibar

Hello, I’m Jessica and I’m going to talk about my experience with PDS in Zanzibar. When I went to PDS Zanzibar, I was a volunteer in the Italian Social Center, in Belgium.  Teaching, especially kids, is something I love to do so that’s why I decided to do a volunteering project which involves a school. I …

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5 Good Reasons to Volunteer in PDS Zanzibar

1- As a volunteer in PDS, you are free to choose the activities you want to do. If you have a specific skill or area you feel comfortable with, you can suggest courses or conferences to create new projects with PDS. 2- Your help at PDS ensures continuity in the teaching of students, which is …

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Passant Nur El-Din - pds Volunteer

Passant Nur El-Din’s experience in Zanzibar

It makes us happy that volunteers keep sharing their experiences with PDS through feedback and reviews. Each of them has a different story and point of view, but the hope to add some happiness to the lives of others brought them all together. This review is from Passant Nur El-Din  who traveled with PDS to …

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PDS is a charitable organization which empowers local people living in the rural areas of Zanzibar by providing skills and additional education.